At Enchanted Wonders we believe that every child is born creative. All the is required is a safe space where that natural creativity is held, supported and encouraged.

Enchanted Wonders A-Z kids yoga cards

Hello Wonderful You,

Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards Kids Yoga

Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards


Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards

Come and join our journey. Come and learn how the Enchanted Wonders innovative approach to enhancing          



and imagination

through yoga comes to life with these award winning, beautifully illustrated, activity cards for ages 3 and up. how do we play?

With Enchanted Wonders there are no rights or wrongs and the possibilities are as varied and exciting as your child’s imagination.
Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards Kids Yoga

Inside this wonderful box,

children will discover hours of exploration,

movement and creative-play.

Watch them as they:

Move their bodies with yoga

Share ideas and feelings

Expand their vocabulary

Enjoy playing games together.

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The tried and tested cards include the 26 alphabet letters, each of which combines a yoga pose with creative language, enchanting illustrations and carefully crafted question which invites a conversation with the child. 

In addition there are 10 number cards with game suggestions which are designed to develop children’s imagination and creative thinking.

1,2,3...Let's Play


Like most parents we are passionate about children exploring their imagination and natural creativity. The challenge is to  maintain and foster creativity and curiosity in our children.

We believe, Yoga can be used as a tool and a spring board for children to explore the endless possibilities of the world around them. Yoga inspires creative play, enhance learning abilities, self-expression and conversation.


Here is a glimpse of our enchanted world...

Quite amazingly, the same activities lead to a different set of experiences every time. Enjoy the magic

With the award winning Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards, you and your child will embark on a journey that will be as exciting and varied as your child's imagination. 

Our Enchanted Story

Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards Kids Yoga

Explorer, seeker, student of life, mother of 3 inspiring boys, yoga teacher, with background in design and classic ballet and author and creator of the award winning Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards.

Now meet, our illustrator Dikla Calo-Henkin

Dikla is a mother of three, interior designer and an illustrator. She specialises in illustrations of board games, calendars for children and stationaries.


In addition, Dikla owned a line of custom made children bedroom furniture which bears her unique artistic style

Ayala is a senior yoga teacher who leads teacher training and family yoga workshops under the Enchanted Wonders brand at The Life Centre and across London. As well as sharing yoga with children in schools and at The Life Centre, Ayala is part of the leading team on the 'Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness for Children' teacher training at Special Yoga


Ayala brings her own unique teaching style to her yoga classes encouraging her students to appreciate themselves and to find their own inner voice.

To read more about Ayala please visit her website at


Our Enchanted Workshops and Classes

We offer a range of workshops and classes that are suitable for yoga teachers, school and nursery teachers, parents and families.

Our Enchanted Classes

We enchantingly link yoga and self expression, mindful movement and creative activities to the daily interactions that you, as a parent, career or a teacher, have with the child.
We provide fun and easy-to-use tools 
to equip participants with the
understanding that yoga can be used
as a foundation for encouraging creativity,
imagination and self expression in kids.

We realise that one size doesn't fit all...

Our workshops range from a concentrated 2 hour family yoga workshop to a 2 day workshop for those who work with children and would love to know how yoga can become a magical tool to elevate children self expression, creativity and imagination.


Whichever option you choose, we promise it will be engaging, full of fun, laughter and self-discovery and that you will come out with new ideas and tools which will bring light and knowledge to the kids you work with.


The workshops are held regularly in several locations across London.

To learn more about our upcoming workshops run by

Ayala, kindly visit: 


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So…. we went on and started developing Enchanted Wonders framework:

Educational products such as our Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards, 

Workshops for parents and teachers, and 

Classes for children which are all inspired by yoga


Last but not least,

we both believe that one must constantly learn in order to be able to teach.

We would love to hear about

your experiences, thoughts,
and ideas on education, creativity,

yoga and parenting.

Please stay in touch with us through

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email.


We would be grateful if you do.


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