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What people say about Enchanted Wonders:


Our Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards:


"Beautiful, fun & inspiring! We just got our set & my (5 year old) daughter loves them.The illustrations are whimsical, the questions are so interesting, sure to spark great conversations with the kids & enhance their awareness of their selves & their surroundings, plus have fun trying out all the poses. The size is great too - I guess they're about 5x7" - great to get hold of & really get a good look at what's going on in the picture. I think they will be well used in this household!"

Sarah L- mother of two.


"Beautiful and inspiring cards to ignite your children's imagination. These cards are fun and playful as well as being educational and creative. They have lots of clever ideas to make yoga playful and fun. The illustrations are s beautiful you want to frame them!"

Tara Lee Yoga teacher and mother of 2


"Truly enchanting! - The cards are not only beautifully illustrated but have so many various aspects to them that they can be used in so many different ways! They are not only a fabulous way of introducing yoga asana and philosophy to young children, but the open-ended questions and prompts allow your child to delve into that creative, wondrous world of imagination. I also personally love that special bonding time with my daughter, however my daughter also loved exploring them on her own, making up stories for each card. Whole-heartedly recommend these!"

Julie - Mother of 2


"My kids are 5 and 8 years old, and we love playing with these cards, not only are they great for getting children to move and be interested in yoga but the creative aspect is fantastic. With the questions posed on the cards it gets us to communicate with each other, it has given me new insights into my children's thinking and of course we have lots of fun playing this way!"

Tanja Mickwits Yoga teacher and a mother of 2


My teaching materials for today are Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards. I’m excited to share these with my nursery group this morning!! Many thanks again for this wonderful gift. Teachers, these are great!

Bryony Duckitt - YogaBeez Children's Yoga


"I love these cards so much I want to bring over to the Philippines! Such a joy just looking at them. I can't wait to use them with my daughter as well as in my kids yoga classes. Really beautiful product."

Patricia yoga teacher


"Kids must have - Me and my son adore the cards, we have fun learning and strengthening our bodies together. As a nursery teacher I also find them very useful at work, getting the kids active and support with phonics learning! Defiantly a must have in a household with kids :-)"

Vivi - Nursery teacher


"These arrived a few days ago and already are a firm favourite with my 3 year old son. They are gorgeous to look at and inspire such interesting conversations between us when we use them. He likes to copy the poses and learn what the words say on the cards. The questions posed on the reverse of the cards encourage us to have really valuable creative time together and inform his play for a long time afterwards. I think they will be a great resource for us for years to come and I highly recommend them!"

Sarah B mother of 2


Our workshops and classes:


"Our Enchanted Wonders sessions provide a space for expression, creativity and mindfulness. The children look forward to the classes and it is wonderful to see how much they have connected with yoga over the year. Ayala's passion, compassion, inspiration, and dedication to working with the group makes the sessions unique. She responded to the needs of the group and was sensitive in her approach to each child. As a class teacher, I am able to use the Enchanted Wonders cards in my

own yoga teaching as they are engaging, inspiring and so simple to translate into discussions and

practice. I have loved working alongside Ayala; she shows an openness and true desire to provide

the best possible training, yoga and experiences for children."

Rachael Moss, Class Teacher, Fitzjohn's Primary School.


"What an amazing day! and what a blessing and honour to have met you and being part of this inspiring course! I loved every bit and most of all I loved your way of teaching from the heart! freedom, full acceptance, full expression and compassion are all great gifts we can offer to our children. Thanks a lot again and I hope this course will reach many people and inspire them as much as it has inspired us."
Cinzia Cavedon


Thank you for the wonderful workshop I went to of yours. It has changed the way I share yoga with the children in a big way of allowing more freedom and self expression that I feel is so much needed now days .The children are restricted in so many ways, here they can choose and be free to explore new things all wrapped up in a lovely yoga way .That is what I got out of your workshop. Sit back more and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. Xx

Irene Çhildren's Yoga


"Ayala’s wonderful energy being able to share her experience in such an amazing way. I love her

style playfulness and joy!"


"Highlights were sharing with other students and Ayala's positive encouragement that how you teach

is good enough and how to deal with negative/challenging behaviours."


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