Zebra With Orange Stripes

August 10, 2015

We had some great feedback to our little Zebra with her orange stripes which we posted on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EnchantedWonders).  If you haven't seen our Zebra go to the Facebook page and if you have, enjoy the below story and moral.


So here is the story about the zebra with the orange stripes:



…Kung Fu music playing softly in the background….After morning prayers, Sensei told the monks, "For a long time, I have wished for a Zebra with Orange Stripes. Let me ask each of you if you can get me one."

Sensei first looked at Honest Monk. Honest Monk gently swung his head sideways to say 'no'. Sensei waved at Inquisitive Monk. Inquisitive Monk bowed to Sensei and said, "I'm afraid I cannot get you one, Sensei." When Truthful Monk was asked, he said, "Sensei, I am not sure if such a Zebra exists. Hence I cannot promise to get you one."
None of the monks confirmed that they could fulfill Sensei's wish. Finally Sensei asked Head Monk. Head Monk deeply bowed to Sensei and said, "Of course Sensei. It will be my honor to get you a Zebra with Orange Stripes. Thank you for asking me."

Just then, Angry Monk stood up and said, "Head Monk, don't be a sycophant, always saying Yes to Sensei to please him. How on earth can you get an Orange Zebra for him?"
Head Monk bowed to Angry Monk and softly said, "When the Master asks for something that may not be possible, always say yes. Because the Master himself will make it possible. I know that when I go and look for the Orange Zebra, I will find it. Because Sensei himself will place it there for me."

… Kung Fu music slowly fading away….


And our lesson of the story is:
Sometimes, when a child asks you for something which seems unrealistic and impossible, don’t just say no. Pause, think and imagine and you might possibly find it.

Remember that sometimes, the child is the Sensei, and we are the disciples.

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