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Truth Behind Behaviour Challenges

CPD workshop

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  • London, N12

Service Description

Children today often find themselves in a state of high alert, operating in fight/flight or survival mode. When they're in this mode, logical thinking in the brain shuts down, breathing and heart rate quicken, and adrenaline increases, perpetuating the feeling of unsafely and the instinct for survival. These survival behaviours can manifest as defiance, avoidance, and disruption. In our one-day CPD workshop, we delve into the intricate connection between behaviour challenges in children and their physiological responses to stress. As kids yoga teachers, it's crucial to comprehend the underlying causes of these disruptive behaviours and equip ourselves with effective tools to address them. Through a combination of theory and practical application, we explore how yogic practices can profoundly impact children's emotional regulation, cognitive function, and overall well-being. The workshop will cover the following topics: *Understanding Survival Mode: Gain insights into how prolonged exposure to stress triggers the body's 'survival mode' in children. *Neurobiological Effects: Explore the neurobiological implications of chronic stress on children's developing brains, including its impact on cognitive functions, emotional regulation, and physical health. *Yogic Approaches to Regulation: Learn specific yogic breathing techniques and movements that help reset the nervous system, promote relaxation, and foster a sense of safety and calm in children. *Practical Integration: Discover practical strategies for seamlessly integrating yogic practices into the school day, creating supportive environments that nurture emotional well-being and enhance learning readiness. By the end of the workshop, you will: *Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of behaviour challenges in children. *Acquire practical tools and techniques rooted in yogic principles to support emotional regulation and stress management. *Feel empowered to create nurturing environments that promote feelings of safety, calm, and readiness to learn. *Develop confidence in incorporating yogic practices into their teaching repertoire, fostering holistic well-being in the children they serve. Who is this workshop for:This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers, children yoga teachers, occupational therapists, school teachers and other professionals who are working with children and have been practicing yoga themselves.

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